Article from FG Insight

Designed to be operated by one person, sheep farmer Mark Kelly and Sons has created a portable enclosed ‘showering’ system.

Mark Kelly says after attending shows across UK and Ireland, interest has come from farmers with 300 to 4,000 sheep. Rather than getting a contractor in to do all the sheep at once, the system can be set up quickly to work with smaller batches.

Up to eight ewes can fit inside the unit at once, and effective fleece penetration can be achieved in one minute via the machine’s internal 16 jets.

Existing races are compatible, says the manufacturer, as the purpose built plastic tank uses a ramp on entry and exit. Operating the single phase pump, which runs on a pre-set timer, and opening front/rear doors, is all done from one location.

liquid is stored beneath the machine’s floor – a minimum of 200 litres is required for optimum performance. Its pump produces two bars of pressure at 140l/min. Filters in the floor and pump help prevent nozzle blockages. A transport trailer is close to production to improve logistics.

Mark Kelly says they are in talks with potential UK distributors.