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It holds approximately 1000 liters (220 Gallons)

6-8 ewes ( all depends on size) 10-12 lambs

For the pump see the manufacturers warranty enclosed. See warranty section for more details.

You leave them in there for one minute. The pump is on a timer and will go off after 1 minute to ensure the operator does not leave the sheep in the unit for too long.

The oxygen levels have been tested in the unit when in use. These tests have shown that oxygen levels are at an acceptable level in order for the sheep to breath comfortably.

The pump is powered by a 240v single phase power supply. It can also be powered by a small portable generator.

There is a double filtration system on the unit. Firstly, the whole floor acts as a filter and stops larger particulates getting down into the bottom sump, the second filter is finer and stops smaller particulates getting into the pump.

Go to the section on Operational instructions, it will give you a step by step method on how to empty the unit.

On the exit there is a larger door which allows the sheep to exit the unit more easily.