Our enclosed sheep shower unit which is made of plastic, will enable farmers to carry this procedure out more effectively and efficiently while decreasing potential health and safety hazards. This unit will be capable of holding 6-10 sheep.

As it is a fully enclosed showering unit, the chemicals can be reused between sheep and they don’t get into the groundwater, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. Also one farmer, can man the operation safely, without worrying about coming into contact with the chemicals.


  • Labour Saving Efficiency – One man operation
  • Health & Safety – Reduced manual handling of sheep & lower risk of chemical contamination
  • Environmental Benefits – All dip chemical is enclosed within the sealed chamber
  • Animal Welfare – Less stressful on the animal
  • Mobile – Mobile unit also available
  • Number of Sheep – 6-10 per cycle

Unique product feature’s

  • Durable – Quality moulded polyethylene tank for strength and durability
  • Transportable – Mounted on skid frame for extra protection & easy transport
  • Accessible – Removable floor for easy access
  • Dual Filtration System – Stop pump, pipes and nozzles from blocking up
  • Timer – Built in timer
  • Floor – High Grade GRP with non-slip surface
  • Spray System – 22 jets with flow rate of 150l/m and 2 bar pressure give total coverage inside the unit

Download our DipFast .PDF